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Valentine's on Primrose Hill - Nikki Moore

About the book… 

For Georgiana Dunn, life changed forever in the devastating moment that the lorry hit her car.
Scarred and scared, she's not left the house properly in months. Then her mum buys her a puppy, forcing her to face the world again, walking on London's beautiful Primrose Hill. But that doesn't mean she's looking forward to Valentine's Day.

Leo devotes himself to working with children with special educational needs. In fact, he does very little else, and his friends are always telling him to get a (love) life. So when they challenge him to find a date for Valentine's Day, and he meets a lovely but lost girl who looks like she could use a friend, he thinks he's found the perfect solution.

But life has a way of being less than perfect … Will he be left standing on his own on the most romantic day of the year?

About the author....

Nikki Moore lives in beautiful Dorset and writes short stories and touching, sexy romantic fiction. She's thrilled to be published by Harper Impulse, the digital first romance imprint of Harper Collins.

Be My Valentine, a collection of poignant short stories by Nikki and other Harper Impulse authors was published on 13 February 2014 and has received four and five star reviews. Her debut novel Crazy, Undercover, Love was published by Harper Impulse on 24th April 2014 and will be available in paperback on 25th September but can be pre-ordered via Amazon now.

On 21 February 2014 her short story 'A Night to Remember' was published in digital and print editions of the Mills & Boon / RNA anthology Truly, Madly, Deeply, edited by author Sue Moorcroft. Best-selling authors including Carole Matthews, Katie Fforde and Adele Parks feature. Nikki's short story in that anthology has been bundled with stories by Katie Fforde and Heidi Rice in a shortened ebook available from 1st April.

Nikki's was a finalist in several writing competitions from 2010 onwards, including Novelicious Undiscovered 2012. A member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, she has contributed to their magazine 'Romance Matters,' has far too much fun attending the annual conferences and has also chaired a panel and taken part in a workshop at the Festival of Romance.

She posts about three of her favourite things - Writing, Work and Wine - on her blog and believes in supporting other writers as part of a friendly, talented and diverse community so she often features other authors and new releases on her blog.

Contact Links: 

Twitter: @NikkiMoore_Auth 

My thoughts…

Valentine's on Primrose Hill is the third book in the #LoveLondon series by Nikki Moore, having read the previous two stories I couldn't wait to read this one.

Georgina and Leo, the two main characters in this book are easy to like, Georgina has turned into a recluse, hiding behind the curtains watching life pass her by having been involved in a horrific accident, leaving her with life changing injuries. Despite being at a really low ebb, there are hints of her true character underneath and I fully invested in her story, willing her from almost the first page to get up, raise her chin and start to live again. Leo, is the floppy haired hero of the book - almost too good to be true working as a teacher with special needs children and then through a chance meeting with Georgina sets out to prove that Georgina could and should start living a full life again. He comes across as a laid back, easy going guy, with his kind and gentle nature easy to see.

The pair are brought together by Button's a puppy bought by Georgina's well intentioned mother as a way to lure her out of the house. Because of him Georgina nearly breaks her neck and is saved by Leo. A situation causing her more stress than she ever thought possible.

This was such a beautiful read, a book that has friendship and trust way up in the pecking order, the foundations that give love the best chance. Georgina, sapped of all confidence, is terrified of her own shadow and can't envisage ever leading a normal life because of her physical injuries. Nikki took us on a journey demonstrating through Leo that it is the inner person that is beautiful and not the outer packaging. Leo is used to dealing with the problems and torments of children with special needs on a daily basis and genuinely seems to see straight into Georgina's soul.  A tentative friendship begins and confidences are shared on both parts.

Nikki prods beneath the surface demonstrating time and time again that what you see isn't always what you get, Relationships built on friendship first are usually the strongest. But, just when I was headed to the shops for a hat a secret is cruelly revealed and life comes crumbling back down for the pair of them.

This book was uplifting and at the same time thought provoking too.  Was the bond and friendship Georgina and Leo forged be strong enough to lift Georgina out of the hole into which she's fallen or was Leo really shallow and the lies told actually true?  You'll have to read and work it out for yourselves, remember - this is Valentine's Day and we all love a happy ending :) I guarantee you'll be hitting that button on Amazon to order the fourth book in the #LoveLondon series as soon as you've finished this one.

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