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I have a varied taste in books but I tend to swing from contemporary women's fiction, chic lit & romance to crime/psychological thrillers. I avoid sci-fi, fantasy, futuristic and erotica.

I like a book, no matter how light to have a message, at the end I like to feel I have learnt something. A book that keeps me talking and thinking about it long after the final page is the best kind of all no matter what the genre!

Reading is a huge hobby for me and I only post reviews for the books I really enjoyed, there's not enough hours in the day to review everything I read.  I grade the books on a 1 - 5 scale but choose not to post a review on anything below a 4.  I feel a review is a personal opinion and nothing is to be gained by posting negative reviews on books I have bought or been given for review purposes.  Reading and reviewing is a hobby not a job for me and I accept that not everyone will share the same opinion as myself. I appreciate that the author has put many hundreds of hours work into their novel and I don't choose to publicly share negative opinions.

All reviews I post will be shown on my blog, up loaded to Amazon, Goodreads and shared on twitter and where appropriate netgalley.

If you have a book to recommend or would like me to consider a book for review please contact me by clicking on the link below.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of email requests I receive I cannot promise to accept your book for review purposes. This may be because it's not my cup of tea/genre or because I already have too many books lined up to read at the time you make your request. If you do not hear back from me within ten days it is because you have fallen into one of the above categories.

Any books I accept from you for review purposes I will read although I cannot and will not give a guaranteed time scale. I will however inform you as soon as I've read the book to let you know whether I'll be posting a review or not.

To contact me click my name: Dawn Crooks

1 = Truly dreadful, I couldn't finish it
2 = I didn't like it at all
3 = Ok, some good bits, some not so good bits
4 = Really liked it
5 = Loved it, fantastic book

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