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The Forever Home - Sue Watson

About the book… 

Carly had thought they’d always live there. The beautiful Cornish cliffside house they’d taken on as a wreck, that Mark had obsessively re-designed and renovated – a project that had made him famous. It was where they’d raised their children, where they’d sat cosily on the sofa watching storms raging over the sea below. It was where they’d promised to keep each other’s secrets…

Until now. Because Mark has fallen in love. With someone he definitely shouldn’t have. Someone who isn’t Carly. And suddenly their family home doesn’t feel like so much of a safe haven.

Carly thinks forever should mean forever though: it’s her home and she’ll stay there. Even the dark family secrets it contains feel like they belong to her. But someone disagrees. And, as threats start to arrive at her front door, it becomes clear, someone will stop at nothing. Because someone wants to demolish every last thing that makes Carly feel safe. Forever.

An utterly unputdownable psychological thriller about what lies are hidden in the most beautiful homes. Perfect for fans of Date Night, Gone Girl and The Woman in the Window

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About the author… 

Sue Watson was a journalist on national magazines and newspapers before becoming a TV producer with the BBC.

Now a USA Today bestselling author, Sue explores the darker side of life, writing psychological thrillers with big twists.

Originally from Manchester, she now lives with her family in leafy Worcestershire where much of her day is spent writing – and procrastinating. Her hobby is eating cake while watching diet and exercise programmes from the sofa, a skill she’s perfected after many years of practice.

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My thoughts…

I’ll don’t think I’ll ever tire of reading Sue Watson’s books. With each they get that little bit darker, push my imagination to the edge of comfortable, are utterly compelling and leave me stuck for words.

The setting for The Forever Home resonated as I read it whilst sitting outside my caravan on a Cornish cliff top. Thankfully it was sunny and bright where I sat as the clouds darkened over Carly’s life.

When Carly married architect, husband Mark she inherited what she was to think of as her Forever Home from her mother. It was perfectly set, with cliff top views of the Cornish Coast and was to be the catalyst for a partnership both romantically and financially for her and Mark. As Mark set about renovating and transforming the house into a showpiece home, Carly filmed and documented the process, sharing it on-line - which inadvertently catapulted them into the spotlight and a TV career spanning 25 years showcasing Mark’s work. As a reader I could feel the buzz, and could visualise the setting but I also got the feeling of an unbalanced relationship, Mark was living the glamourises high life and Carly was definitely the foundations that propped him up.

At a time when they should be riding high as a pair it was obvious Carly and family life was coming a poor second to Mark, he was more bothered about his public profile. It was the evening of their silver wedding anniversary party, and turned out to be the night that Carly’s life shattered into a million pieces. It wasn’t the intimate family and close friend occasion Carly yearned for but more a lavish networking event with a guest list full of media and business contacts known only to Mark. A night that was to see the life they’d created disintegrate before their eyes.

Oh my goodness, the bombshell that dropped couldn’t have been any worse - I felt every second of Carly’s public humiliation. The ensuing chapters focus on Carly and her determination to salvage her life and her Forever Home. I think I lived every second of Carly’s life with her as she navigated the reality of her shattered life, dreams and trust - the emotions caught in my throat when Carly’s is subject to anonymous threats - someone wanted her out of her home at all costs!

The story, gripped and totally engaged - I played mental tennis as thoughts, ideas and scenarios about the plot bounced around, landing tantalisingly just out of reach. There are so many plausible red herrings, motives and scenarios that had me second guessing and surmising completely wrongly every time. “Is anyone who they seem” I asked myself? Everyone seems to have a back story and a hidden agenda, with individual stories so separate yet joined like the links on a bracelet. I didn’t know who Carly should trust or believe but I was firmly in her corner. I’m sure I almost died when the plot was finally unravelled in a shock ending I never once even came close to guessing, I sat mouth wide open as I held my breath - lockdown has clearly given Sue Watson too much time to hatch and plot - I can’t say anything other than the whole premise was totally plausible and just utterly brilliant!!!

Sue thank you for yet another page turning thriller that hooked me in and gripped me so tightly I felt captive, breathless and broken as I walked in Carly’s footsteps. An outstanding read that will stay with me forever, a read I have already recommended to so many friends.

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