Saturday, 2 November 2013

An Englishwoman in New York - Ann-Marie Casey

I won a copy of this book in a competition hosted by @weekendreads on twitter so it's seems only appropriate that it is my first official review.

I was so excited to win and loved the sound of the book.  When it arrived it didn't disappoint. The cover image is very simple but classy and the synopsis on the back made me want to get reading straight away.

My thoughts...
My first impressions weren't right.  I thought the book would be about instant friendships formed by Lucy and the women she met at the school gates - wrong.

Each of the four women have their own issues and opinions of each other.  Lucy is like a fish out of water when she arrives in New York and appears quite unapproachable at first. Julie is insightful and subtle, a good judge of character.  Telling a white lie to Lucy to save her embarrassment.  Christy meanwhile is at a crossroads in her life and questioning decisions made both past and present and is unsettled and a little jealous of Julie's growing friendship with Lucy.  Robyn meanwhile thinks the world owes her a favour and in particular the three women who seem to have everything she wants and thinks she's owed!

The book weaves in and out of each of the characters, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each of the women. My opinion of each of them altered throughout the book and I felt I knew the women. Like real life, given time, the right situation and good friends we all grow into the people we are. The book is a good example of strong friendships born from completely different characters who gel together to almost become one.

All in all a good read it's not all light and frothy but quite insightful into what makes people tick.

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