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Little Girl Lost - Carol Wyer

Little Girl Lost
by Carol Wyer

(Detective Robyn Carter crime thriller series Book 1) 
About the book...
A perfect family hiding disturbing secrets. A killer who wants the truth to be told. 

A teacher is found dead, close to the school where he works. 

A millionaire is murdered at a local reservoir. 

For Detective Robyn Carter, there’s no obvious link between the victims. Apart from one thing. The bodies both have the same grisly trophy beside them - a bloodstained toy rabbit. 

As Robyn starts to delve into the lives of the two dead men, her investigations lead her to Abigail, perfect wife and mother to beautiful little Izzy. What was Abigail’s connection to the victims? And why is she receiving threatening messages from an anonymous number? 

But as Robyn starts to inch closer to finding the killer, Izzy is abducted. 

Unless Robyn gets to the twisted individual in time, a little girl will die …

Gripping, fast paced and nail bitingly tense, this serial killer thriller will chill you to the bone. Discover Carol Wyer’s new series – at a special launch price.

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About the author...
A humorous writer and blogger whose light hearted novels and articles encourage others to laugh at life and grow old disgracefully.
Her best selling novels have won several awards for humour and her witty non-fiction book, Grumpy Old Menopause won The People's Book Prize Award in 2015.

She has been interviewed on numerous BBC radio stations including BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo and on BBC Breakfast television and Sky.
Carol writes for magazines and websites and also blogs for the Huffington Post HUFF/50.

As a child Carol Wyer was always moving, and relied on humour to fit in at new schools. A funny short story won her popularity, planting the seed of becoming a writer. Her career spans dry cleaning, running a language teaching company, and boxercise coaching. Now writing full-time, Carol has several books published by Safkhet and journalism in many magazines.

Carol won The People’s Book Prize Award for non-fiction (2015), and can sometimes be found performing her stand-up comedy routine Laugh While You Still Have Teeth.

My thoughts...
Huge thanks to Bookouture for an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Something which I'm more than happy to give.  

Wow, where do I begin? I began this book knowing it was a psychological thriller but at the same time expecting it to be a little bit light hearted because it was written by Carol Wyer - she writes humorous, laugh out loud books - something this absolutely was not!  

I'm amazed as the ability to switch genre and produce a book that is both captivating and gritty making me want to read on and on - if only lunch breaks were endless, yet at the same time aspects of it were difficult to read.

Robyn Carter is working at a detective agency whilst taking a recuperating break from the police where she is a detective - she finds herself embroiled in a private investigation that she quickly realises can only be dealt with by the police.  Due back at work shortly she returns early to take on the case.

Carol has woven the lives of the many characters intricately into the plot.  It took me a little bit of keeping up with at first - we have the missing person, an ex music teacher who Robyn was initially commissioned to look for as part of a Private Investigation.  Then a murder made to look like an accident whist out jogging.  A child is abducted and the realisation that all of them are connected in someway to Abigail who is being blackmailed by an anonymous source makes for many chest tightening moments.

The story is told in both the present and the past and by the victims and the murderer - how Carol Wyer kept all those balls in the air I don't know but I'm thankful she did.  This is a fast paced book with short snappy chapters that leave no time to ponder as the plot unravels at an alarming rate.  A grippingly, captivating story that is just that little bit too awful for words - a story that made me want to read between my fingers at times. To say this is Carol Wyer's first foray into the thriller world is beyond amazing and Little Girl Lost is just the first in a series.

Thank you Carol for such a brilliant debut thriller, I look forward to book 2.

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