Monday, 27 January 2014

The Mexican Kimono - Billie Jones

About the book...
Mexican Kimono is fast-paced, satirical chick lit by upcoming Australian author, Billie Jones, guaranteed for a laugh or three. Narcissistic Samantha simply can’t resist buying the beautiful kimono at auction on a whim. That’s what credit cards are for, right? And then the kimono’s curse starts taking apart her life, spectacularly and destructively, one hair extension at a time, and Sam’s in for a hell of a ride.

About the author...
Billie Jones writes over the top satire, with a pulpy feel. She spins average characters into outlandish situations, and subtracts the humdrum tedium of life replacing it with zany humor and action. She’s the alter ego of a writer who enjoys keeping her two personas separate, thus having another person to blame if the jokes fall flat. Her short stories and novellas have been published widely over the last five years, with six more novellas contracted to publishers in 2014, one of which will be under the pseudonym Billie Jones.

My thoughts...
I was asked by the author if I'd be interested in reading this book in exchange for an honest review.  As I like the author I accepted without knowing anything about the book - risky I know!  I'm glad I said YES!! It was a truly brilliant  book and what a fabulous cover.

What a colourful romp - perfect for a winter blast of sunshine. Billie introduces our leading lady Sam who finds herself buying an exotic Kimono at an auction for over $10,000 - quite accidentally of course! I loved and at the same time loathed the main character Sam.  She comes across as slightly dippy, things just seem to happen to her and none of it is her fault of course!  She reminded me very much of  'Bridgit Jones' at times. I howled out loud at some of the antics and then I saw the other side of her, the self centred, delusional side which wasn't quite as nice and I did want her to get her comeuppance but I have to say was equally hilarious.  Billie's descriptions were brilliant,  I could clearly visualise all the many characters in this book but in particular her mother. What a gem, so very like many mothers in real life - loved by all the friends but an embarrassment and nuisance to the grown up children.  As for Toffany well!!  If only there really was a Toffany's Cafe - I wouldn't meet my friends anywhere else - what a place to people watch.

A truly wonderful, laugh out loud book which I highly recommend to anyone wanting reassurance that they and their friends lead 'normal' lives - nobody could really live in Sam's world - could they?

I gave this book 5/5 stars

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