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An Interview with Nigel May

Imagine how excited I was when I was given the opportunity to interview one of Bookouture's wonderful authors Nigel May - a hugely talented, down to earth author with a cheeky smile.  Read on to see what he had to say...

About the author...
Nigel May has been described as "the UK's male Jackie Collins" and is an author, TV host and journalist. His three fiction novels have all been published by Bookouture.

His first glam fiction novel was TRINITY, an action-packed blockbuster (or bonkbuster) about the lives of the rich and famous. Glamour, beauty, fame and celebrity mix with murder, intrigue and danger to create an explosive novel which gained incredible reviews and fans across the globe. His follow-up was the glitz-meets-grit whodunit ADDICTED which was also a huge success and once again dived into the diamond-dipped world of the mega-rich but showed that all of the money and fame in the world do not always make for a happy ending. His third novel SCANDALOUS LIES is steeped in secrets, sin, sex and scandal and takes readers around the world as a mysterious celebrity disappearance is investigated. His books have been Amazon best sellers, read by celebrities and fellow authors alike, and have proved that a man can successfully write in a 'bonkbuster world' that has always been a strongly female domain. 

Nigel was the only male writer amongst 44 authors featured in the chart-topping, beach-read anthology of short-stories SUNLOUNGER. He also contributed a short story to SUNLOUNGER 2. 

On television he regularly presents on UK shopping channels where he has built up a substantial following. He has also featured on Channel 4, C5, ITV and broadcast live from America. He is also one of the UK's most popular craft personalities, having launched his own successful range, A-May-Zing.

As a writer he has written for many of the UK's most successful magazines and newspapers, specialising in showbiz and celebrity, as well as writing on subjects ranging from relationships through to exotic travel.

Follow him on Twitter @Nigel_May 

Guest Interview...
* Tell us a little bit about yourself? 
My name is Nigel Peter May, I’m a typical Scorpio, I write bonkbuster books, present some things on TV and love a good chinwag so I think I’m in the right place.
* How and why did you get into writing? 
I was a showbiz journalist for many years interviewing celebrities for magazines and newspapers but then when I fell into working as a TV host I concentrated solely on that, so for a while I didn’t really do any writing. I suddenly reached a stage where I missed it terribly so I thought I had better start doing something about it. So on my days off from TV work I started to write Trinity, my first novel. As soon as I began, it reignited my wordy mojo and I kept at it.
* If you weren’t a writer what would your dream job be? 
I would like to host the Eurovision Song Contest. I am obsessed with it and have been for many, many years. I speak French so I’d be alright on the language side and I do present on TV in ‘my other job’ away from writing so hosting the biggest song contest on earth would be a dream come true. 
* Describe a typical day in the life of Nigel May the author/tv host. 
It depends which ‘head’ I’m wearing. With the TV I normally present four live hours of TV a day, which I absolutely love. If I have my writing head on then I tend to get up really early and start writing by about 6am. I’m a morning person and tend to get a little distracted by the time Loose Women and Judge Rinder come on the TV so I like to start early. I will be fuelled by cups of green tea. 
* You are always smiling, what gives you such a positive outlook or are you miserable as sin underneath the grin? 
I love my life – I have nothing to not smile about. I have days where things can niggle me slightly but I read a book once that said if you have a negative thoughts about something during the day then shelve any angst until 6.30pm that night and then work out why you are annoyed. To be honest by half six you have forgotten why you were in a mood in the first place. I love writing stories and I adore creating characters so if people keep enjoying them then I will carry on smiling. 
* From your website and twitter feed it’s clear you love travelling - I could see you as a tour rep/cruise host - has this career ever crossed your mind? 
Grabbing my passport and heading off (in the name of book research of course!) is one of my favourite things to do. There’s a whole wide world out there to be explored. I’ve never considered being a tour rep or a cruise host but I think you’re right…I would love to do it. Now you’ve planted that seed in my mind you have started me thinking….as long as I can keep writing of course! 
* What book are you reading at the moment and do you read and write in the same genre? 
I am reading Shameless by Paul Burston at the moment. It’s a very funny book about gay life. Paul is the man who runs the legendary Polari Literary Salon which I read at recently and he has read some of my books and liked them, which was thrilling for me. I do like reading a god bonkbuster though and adore glam fiction. Jackie Collins, Victoria Fox, Shari King….all fabulous. I will read anything that grabs my attention though. 
* Tell us about your current book
My latest book, my third glam fiction novel, is called Scandalous Lies and is soaked in mystery, fame, celebrity and glamour. It centres around the disappearance of two famous UK dance stars, Mitzi and Foster, who mysteriously go AWOL during a trip across America. Mitzi’s best friend, UK weathergirl Georgia, is determined to find out what has happened to them and uncovers all sorts of nightmares and problems as she and her hunky boyfriend, Charlie, try to investigate. 
* Is there a message for your readers in your books and what do you hope they take from them? 
I hope that readers of my books find escapism and are whisked off to world of decadence and danger. The characters in my books are normally larger than life, surrounded by secrets and scandal and normally have some kind of inner demon to deal with too. Good books are like a good recipe – they need all of the right ingredients to make something delicious. My ingredients are always fame, glamour, travel, riches, sex, betrayal, envy, celebrity, murder and mayhem!
* What can we expect from you in the future? 
My next book is another sexy glam mystery, but at the moment is set in the 1980s to give it a slightly different feel. It has some very strong women in it, as do all of my books, and of course there is a mystery to be solved. There is death, destruction, bitching and some fabulous 80s fashions too. It should be winging your way next year. 

And now for a little fun, a glimpse at the real Nigel May:- 
What’s your favourite tipple?  
Vodka, lime and soda….with ice. And I love Cherry Lambrini. It’s like fizzy pop. 
Do you prefer savoury or sweet things?  
Savoury all the way. If it’s a slice of cake or a bag of salt’n’vinegar then I reach for the crisps.
Friends coming round  - cook or get a take-away?  
My partner is a fantastic cook so to be honest I am spoilt in the fact that Al will cook up a wonderful feast for friends. If it was left to me to cook it would probably be a good curry….delivered to the door. I’m not very good in the kitchen!
Do you prefer hot or cold climates?  
It depends. I will go anywhere that interests me, so am happy to spend two weeks baking on a beach in Barbados or spend a week whale watching in Alaska. Not that I have been to Alaska yet. Maybe I should set a future novel there. 
Do you prefer a beach holiday or city break? 
I love a city break. Europe has some amazing cities and I love jetting off for a few days. With the economy airlines being so popular and affordable it’s more achievable for everyone than ever before. Berlin is one of my favourite places to visit. 
Which would you prefer luxury cruise or fly long haul first class?  
Oh I’m happy in Premium Economy when it comes to flying. I only have little legs so I don’t need much space. Cruising is not really my cup of tea as the endless days at sea are not for me. I prefer to fly…..not that I have ever been first class (don’t tell anyone!).
Do you prefer to go to the cinema or theatre?  
I love going to the theatre. Musicals, comedies, drama….me and Al go off and see as much as we possibly can. The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper was incredibly good. And I could see musicals like Hairspray or Cabaret time and time again. I do like the cinema but there is something about the theatre that is so ‘alive’. I think it’s seeing the actors in the flesh. 
Which do you prefer comedy or true stories when watching a film?  
I’m actually a bit of a horror fan. I love a scary movie. The old Hammer classics are still my favourites. I do like old-school comedy though. If a Carry On… movie comes on then I’m there until the credits roll. 
Do you have any pets?  
Two cats, ginger toms called Jasper and Oscar. They were rescue cats and we took them in earlier this year. There are brothers but completely different to each other. Jasper is small but like an assassin – he can frighten a bird at 100 paces and Oscar is a lot bigger and likes to sit on the windowsill and stare out of the window all day looking at the garden. I think Oscar might be a tad silly, as he still hasn’t worked out how to use the cat flap. 
Tell us something we don’t know about you? 
I was one of the first people in the UK to interview Take That back when they first began. And I have reached the finals of both Pointless and The Weakest Link…and then lost! 

Thanks for visiting my blog Nigel :) 

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