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Daydream Believer - Anne Mitchell

About the book...
What do you do when your dream life turns into a nightmare? 

When Eve Sheppard’s first novel, Daydream Believer, hits the big time, it catapults her into a career as a successful author. She soon acquires a fabulous London flat, a wardrobe of designer clothes, more Mulberry and Prada handbags than any girl could dream of and a long-term boyfriend, talented theatre director James Fenner. 

But when James leaves her for a young actress Eve begins to realise that her charmed life is built on very shaky foundations. Soon her finances are in meltdown, her agent is taken seriously ill and her career seems all but over when her latest book flops. 

Jobless, homeless and moneyless, Eve is forced to start again from the bottom. Only her university mates, Katie and Jess, her new friend Dan Kerr, member of the fabulously successful ex-boy band Wild Things, and his sister Stella remain loyal. But just when she is beginning to realise that her feelings for Dan are becoming more than mere friendship, there comes the bitterest blow of all. 

And then, suddenly and most unexpectedly, James is back on the scene... 

Available from  Daydream Believer by Anne Mitchell

Available from Daydream Believer by Anne Mitchell

About the author...
Since leaving university a loooong time ago now, I’ve worked as a tour guide, an English teacher, a chaperone on film sets (including, most excitingly, Harry Potter), as a sales assistant in Harrods and as a specialist dyslexia tutor, but my favourite job by far has to be writing - not least because I can do it in the comfort of my PJs. 

I’m the author of two full-length novels, Happy Hour and Daydream Believer, and a book of short stories, The First Rule of Fat Club (and Other Stories), all available on Amazon.

Currently I’m working on a sequel to Daydream Believer, a 30,000 novella and a PhD - whenever that can be fitted around Twitter, Facebook and eating steadily through the global supply of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, that is.  

Guest post....
I’ve been writing since the age of about six, when I wrote a story about Bimbo the naughty elephant that was hailed by at least one person (my mother, as it happens) as a work of rare and undisputed genius.  Sadly, however, it never reached publication. 

Since then my writing career has had its ups and downs.  The ups include my first novel, Happy Hour, being taken on by a top London literary agency, and getting a Distinction for my MA in creative writing in 2011.  The downs include being dropped by the literary agency nine months later when my lovely agent suddenly left, and the fifteen long years I spent writing gritty dramas and being turned down by the BBC.   

Returning to my first love, chick-lit, another fabulous ‘up’ was when I finally published Happy Hour in January 2012 and it unexpectedly took off, gaining over 43,000 downloads and remaining in the top ten Amazon Kindle chick-lit bestsellers list for well over a year.  Fired up by this success, I wrote the first three chapters of Daydream Believer in a couple of days and then got completely side-tracked when I started a PhD.  Finally, nearly three years and 85,000+ words later, I typed ‘The End’ and – hurray! – Daydream Believer is now available to buy on Amazon.  I still haven’t finished the PhD…

The books I like to write are the same kind of books I like to read: meaty, in-depth stories with strong and relatable central characters who face real difficulties in their lives, but who come through with determination, humour and a little luck.  Naturally our heroine also gets her man, but it’s part of her journey to self-discovery to find out exactly who her ideal man might be – and it’s not necessarily who she thinks it is at the beginning.  

I’ve discovered along the way that absolutely the best thing about being a writer is receiving feedback from readers who take the trouble to leave a review, or email saying how much they’ve enjoyed reading one of my books.  That really is the best ‘up’ in the world.  All readers out there, I’d like you to know that you are really, truly

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