Friday, 27 March 2015

The Soft Whisper of Dreams - Christina Courtenay

About the book...
Maddie Browne thought she’d grown out of the recurring dream that plagued her as a child, but after a shocking family secret is revealed, it comes back to haunt her – the same swing in the same garden, the kind red-haired giant and the swarthy arms which grab her from behind and try to take her away …
In an attempt to forget her troubles, Maddie travels to Devon to spend time with her friends, Kayla and Wes. However, it becomes clear that relaxation will not be on the agenda after a disturbing encounter with a gypsy fortune teller. Not to mention the presence of Wes’s dangerously handsome brother, Alex.
And then there’s the fact that Maddie’s dream seems to be coming true …
The Soft Whisper of Dreams is the sequel to Christina Courtenay’s novel The Secret Kiss of Darkness.
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About the author...
As a child, I adored fairy tales and any story with a “happy ever after” (HEA) ending and I still love them to this day.  I grew up in Sweden listening to tales about fairies and trolls, witches and gnomes, elves and princesses.  Living next to the deep dark forests and lakes that abound in Scandinavia, it was all too easy to imagine that these creatures were real.

Now I write the fairy tales myself, albeit slightly more grown-up versions, and the HEA still rules.  I hate books with sad endings and have been known to sneak a look at the last page of a novel before buying it, just to make sure it doesn’t end in tears.  Life in the 21st century is just too full of depressing news – when I read, I want to escape to a world where everything comes right in the end and I hope you agree with me.

After a fairly non-eventful childhood in Sweden, my father was suddenly offered a job in Tokyo, so at the age of sixteen I moved with my family to Japan.  To a girl from a very small rural town, this was a huge shock, and it took me a while to adjust.  Once I did, however, I absolutely loved it and had the most wonderful time!  Japan is an amazing country and I fell in love with everything about it.  Although I was only there for three years, the impact this had on me was enormous, and when it came to writing, I simply had to set my first book somewhere in the Far East.  I couldn’t neglect my roots entirely though, so in the end, “Trade Winds” turned out to be a combination of both.

Guest Post...
Fortune telling and the paranormal
Are you the kind of person who loves anything to do with the supernatural and would absolutely love to meet a ghost? I’m not.  I’d be terrified if something like that happened to me, but that doesn’t stop me from having my poor heroines go through these things. (We authors can be mean sometimes :-D)
I would never consult a fortune teller either – the mere thought of someone telling me something horrible, even if I didn’t believe that they actually had second sight, would make me quiver. Just imagine having your fortune told with Tarot cards and the death one come up – I’d run away screaming! After all, who knows, the fortune teller just might really be psychic. You wouldn’t know until the prediction came true!
I’m very superstitious and have been since I was a little girl thanks to my Swedish grandmother’s who taught me all sorts of things, like spitting after black cats. (Don’t ask, it’s a Swedish thing and you have to say some special words as well.) Although I consider myself a very rational person in most respects, when it comes to superstitions, I just can’t let go of that “what if” scenario. What if I get seven years’ bad luck from breaking a mirror? What if not spitting after the cat will give me even worse luck? There’s no way I’d take the chance.
Maddie, the heroine of my new novel The Soft Whisper of Dreams has her fortune told by a gypsy, although she is very reluctant at first. She believes it’s all nonsense, but a small part of her is superstitious enough to believe there might be a grain of truth in it. When the fortune teller starts off with the usual “I see a tall, dark, handsome man,’ Maddie relaxes, but then the gypsy tells her something she doesn’t expect which rings very true. And it is also frightening, so not what she wanted to hear. But how can she not believe her?
Even if you are told your future, can it be changed? I’m not sure because most predictions seem to be told in riddles or are not quite clear enough to help you. Either way, I’ll be steering well clear of anyone with a crystal ball or a deck of Tarot cards. How about you?


  1. I went to a fortune teller once, with a friend who believed in it all (I didn't!). They told my friend things she swore they couldn't know, but with me they admitted they couldn't get a 'vibe'. So maybe there is something in it - if you believe. Thank you for the post ladies - I love the sound of The Soft Whisper of Dreams.

  2. Thank you! And I admire you for daring to try - as I said, I'd be too chicken! :-)