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My Sort of Kind of Hero - Emily Harper

Blog Tour: My Sort-of Kind-of Hero - Emily Harper + Kate Spade Giveaway!

Emily Harper is back! The popular chick lit author is bringing fans another of her quirky rom-coms in the form of My Sort-of Kind-of Hero. Celebrating the publication with a blog tour, Emily will be hitting some top book blogs for reviews, a couple of guest posts and a fabulous giveaway, including a Kate Spade organiser! 
About the book...
'Etty Lawrence is a bestselling romance author. At least− she would be if she could just get someone to read her books. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t consider the 500 books purchased by your mother to be ‘bestseller’ material. When Etty’s given some simple advice from a friend − write what you know − she takes it to heart. But she’s never been in love before, and she doesn’t really have time to fall in love and write a novel at the same time. So, she convinces her slightly unwilling lifelong friend, Travis, to let her follow him around and witness real love, first hand. A third person memoir, if you will. Travis is the perfect hero for her story: he’s funny, smart, and good looking; only there’s one problem. He says all the wrong things. Does any girl really want to talk about the NHL trades? And his jokes would make a kindergarten class roll their eyes.
But the worst part is, Travis’s dates laugh at his corny jokes; the jokes he told Etty first. They touch his sweater; the sweater Etty bought him. And the way these women swoon and gush over him…they obviously aren’t leading lady material.

Now Etty has to take this love thing into her own hands if she has any hope of writing a bestseller that people other than her mother will buy.'


About the author...

Emily Harper has a passion for writing humorous romance stories where the heroine is not your typical damsel in distress.  Throughout her novels you will find love, laughter, and the unexpected!

Originally from England,  she currently lives in Canada with her wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, mischievous son,  and a very naughty dog.

Emily is also the author of the funny and charming novels White Lies and Checking Inn.

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My thoughts...
I was given an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of the blog tour organised by Candlelit Author Services, which I'm more than happy to do.

Etty the lead character knows she has a 'best seller' in her she just has to find a way of getting it onto paper and she thinks Travis, childhood friend and almost brother is the person who can help her do it.  She had been writing historic, romance novels - hoping for the big break when on the advise of Travis, switches genre to modern, contemporary romance and persuades him the best way for her to actually write about true love would be to follow him on his journey to finding love himself.

I just knew this book would hit the spot.  Emily has a style of writing that had me smiling inanely and laughing out loud whilst at the same time talking to myself.  She gave us a more than slightly, ditzy leading lady and a handsome, indulgent prince charming.  

It was obvious that both Etty and Travis have feelings for each other, both incredibly comfortable around each other, whilst both thinking their relationship and feelings were simply that of brother/sister.  Etty is impulsive and jumps in with both feet, whilst Travis is the sensible, thoughtful one who despite this ends up doing anything and everything Etty demands!

This was a lovely, light, frothy book that does what it says on the tin. An easy read that gives exactly what you'd expect from a modern chic lit author.  It's the sort of book that is quite predictable but in a good way.  Sometimes we need that fix and to know we're going to get a happy ending.  A perfect read to while away a Sunday afternoon and I can guarantee that if you enjoy this book you will definitely love Emily's previous two novels White Lies & Checking Inn.

I gave this book 4 / 5 stars.

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1st Prize 
Kate Spade Organiser, Batman Lego Keychain and signed paperbacks of My Sort-of Kind-of Hero, White Lies and Checking Inn
2nd Prize
Signed paperback of My Sort-of Kind-of Hero
3rd Prize 
E-copy of my Sort-of Kind-of Hero

Giveaway is international. Emily Harper and CandleLit Author Services reserve the right to cancel or amend giveaway details at anytime and without prior notification.

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