Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Me Without You - Kelly Rimmer

About the book...

A story of how love can break our hearts - and heal them.
A year ago I met the love of my life. For two people who didn’t believe in love at first sight, we came pretty close.
Lilah MacDonald – beautiful, opinionated, stubborn and all kinds of wonderful in ways that words could never quite capture. The woman who taught me to live again.
My Lilah, who gave me so much, and yet kept from me a secret that she knew would break my heart.

My name is Callum Roberts, and this is our story.
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About the author...

When Kelly's childhood friends grew out of make-believe games, she realised she'd have to become a writer (or join the real world with them, but that seemed far too dull).
Several decades later, she lives in rural Australia with her husband Daniel and their two young children, and when she’s not reading, writing, or daydreaming about reading and writing, she has one of those unfathomable IT jobs which no one outside of the industry really knows about.

My thoughts...
I was given an ecopy of this book by Kim at Bookouture in exchange for an honest review which I am more than happy to give. 

This story is told in almost equal parts by the two lead characters Lilah and Callum who meet on the ferry home from work. Callum is strangely drawn to Lilah and despite her bare, dirty, feet which he finds repulsive he asks her to have dinner with him and she agrees - much to her surprise.

Kelly then took me on a roller coaster of emotions that ensured Kleenex are still in business  and will be for a good while yet. Both Callum and Lilah for very different reasons are sworn singletons but it's obvious from the start that they've been drawn together for a reason.

We all go through life making decisions about the way we live our lives, sometimes we share the reasons why and sometimes we don't!  This book is no different, mirroring reality in so many ways. Significant events shape the way we choose to live our lives and this became very apparent in this book as I devoured the pages.  They were never quite on the same page - one half of the couple ready to wear their heart on their sleeve and the other pulling back and as much as they tried not to, surging forward again, just like the tide.  Nature cannot be controlled, what's meant to be will be and the same goes for Lilah and Callum's relationship.

I'm a firm believer that people are in our lives for a reason, some for the here and now and some forever - Callum and Lilah enrich each others lives in so many ways - pushing each other out of their comfort zones, living for the here and now. Something we all now we should do but somehow never seem to have the time to. 

Kelly's writing was so simple and pure, she created plausible characters which firstly touched my heart, then quietly broke my heart.  I was warned I'd cry, just not how much!  This is a beautiful book, which has many, many, light, funny moments, with such beautiful descriptions - I so want to go to Australia but at the heart of it is a love story that was so real it hurt.  If I take only one message from this book it's to live - really live - not to find reasons to put off enjoying the life I have now - the ironing can wait :)

Thank you so much Kelly for wrapping up such a difficult subject in such a beautiful relationship.

I gave this book 5/5 stars

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