Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Falling Apart - Jane Lovering

It gives me great pleasure to have Jane Lovering visit my blog and tell us about the characters in Falling Apart.  Thanks as ever to Holly at Choclit for bringing us together.

About the book...

In the mean streets of York, the stakes just got higher - and even pointier.
Jessica Grant liaises with Otherworlders for York Council so she knows that falling in love with a vampire takes a leap of faith. But her lover Sil, the City Vampire in charge of Otherworld York, he wouldn't run out on her, would he? He wouldn't let his demon get the better of him. Or would he?
Sil knows there's a reason for his bad haircut, worse clothes and the trail of bleeding humans in his wake. If only he could remember exactly what he did before someone finds him and shoots him on sight.
With her loyalties already questioned for defending zombies, the Otherworlders no one cares about, Jess must choose which side she's on, either help her lover or turn him in. Human or Other? Whatever she decides, there's a high price to pay - and someone to lose.

Paperback includes a free digital copy - details within the paperback.

About the author...
I'm a writer, baker of inedible cakes, mother of an indeterminate number of children (they keep moving, it's hard to count), dog owner, cat slave. Occupier of a crumbly old place in the crumbly old countryside in Yorkshire. And merciless self-publicist.
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Guest post...

I thought this might be the ideal opportunity to introduce my main cast of characters from my Vampires of York series.  If you were expecting tea and biscuits or an in depth discussion of the current state of archaeological financing, then I’m afraid you are in the wrong place and should probably come back on Saturday, when I am led to believe there will be biscuits.  So, for those of you who have remained, and are not in dire need of a HobNob, here’s the Blaggers Guide to the Central Cast...
JESS:  She’s our heroine.  Mostly human – well, the bits that matter are human, anyway. She loves chocolate and biscuits and drinks far too much coffee.  She has been described as ‘kickass’, but she wants to give up kicking ass, it’s ruining her shoes.  She works for York City Council as an Otherworld Liaison officer, which is really just a fancy description of someone who does a lot of filing and doesn’t get paid enough – although her job is supposed to consist of smoothing the relations between humans and the Otherworlders, it’s mostly coffee, biscuits and chocolate, to be honest.
SIL:  Vampire and lover of Jess.  In Vampire State of Mind we saw Sil and Jess begin a tentative relationship, a tricky thing when you are a century old and the object of your affections is a snidey thirty one.  But it’s surprising what you can get away with when you are as gorgeous as an underwear model and have superhuman powers, dating someone seventy years your junior is a walk in the park.  Sil has a tendency towards sarcasm and doesn’t love biscuits nearly enough for Jess’s liking.
LIAM:  He calls himself Jess’s sidekick, but since there are only two of them who work in their office, there isn’t a lot of competition, and besides, if Liam actually kicked anything he’d probably fall over.  He’s also Jess’s best friend and confidante, which may lead susceptible onlookers to believe that he is gay, but, although he wears his Metrosexual badge with pride, he is also the happy partner of Sarah and dad to Charlotte.  Liam Understands Computers, which, to Jess, is a bit like speaking Greek.  He also has an almost addictive love for Doctor Who.
ZAN:  This vampire can best be summed up in three letters, OCD. Although he’s at least as physically gorgeous as Sil, his sexual preferences have yet to be determined – Jess and Liam privately agree that he’s probably turned on by severed heads and whips – and despite the pretence of his being merely an office worker, he is in fact the vampire in charge of Otherworld York.  Zan intensely dislikes personal contact, and women who cry.  In fact, pretty much any displays of emotion make him act as though he’s just been dipped in mould...
I hope you are suitably entranced by this bunch of unlikely heroes and heroines, and will henceforth rush out to buy Falling Apart.  Or Vampire State of Mind.  Actually, buy both..yes, that’s a good idea. And bear in mind that a third book in the series will hopefully arrive next year...

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