Monday, 7 April 2014

Somewhere Beyond The Sea - Amanda James

Amanda James' new novel Somewhere Beyond The sea is published in paperback today 7th April 2014. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to host a question and answer session with her on my blog. Many thanks to Holly La Touché at Choclit for arranging it for me.

About the author...
Amanda James, has written since she was a child, but has taken it up seriously in the last five years.
Amanda has written many short stories and has four novels currently published. A Stitch in Time was published in April of 2013 by and has met with great success.
The newest, also with Choc Lit are Somewhere Beyond the Sea and Dancing in the Rain (March 2014)
Righteous Exposure is published by Crooked Cat Publishing
Contact details...
Twitter - @akjames61  Facebook mandy.james.33

About the book....
When love begins with a lie, where will it end?

Doctor Tristan Ainsworth has returned with his family to the idyllic Cornish village close to where he grew up. The past has taught him some hard lessons, but he'll do anything to make his wife happy - so what's making her so withdrawn?

Karen Ainsworth daren't reveal her true feelings, but knows her husband has put up with her moods for too long. A chance to use her extraordinary singing voice may set her free, so why shouldn't she take it? Surely her past can't hurt her now?

As a tide of blackmail and betrayal is unleashed to threaten the foundations of their marriage, Karen and Tristan face a difficult question. Is their love strong enough to face the truth when the truth might cost them everything?

An Interview with Mandy James...

My question's - Mandy's Answers... 

Before you became an author what job did you do and would you ever go back to it if the words dried up?
I was a teacher for many years. I taught History across all Key Stages and Sociology at A level. I loved the kids ( mostly) and enjoyed my job especially for the first ten years. After that, as a result of government policy, teaching kept changing. Ofsted was always on the horizon as I worked in a tough school, and there were many hoops to jump through and unnecessary paperwork. Teachers have a really tough job nowadays and so no, I wouldn’t return. And the words won’t dry up, fingers crossed!
What is the best and worst thing about being a writer?
There is no worst thing! I have always written and was overjoyed to get my first story published in 2010. I love the fact that I can escape into other worlds and create whole new people out of thin air, controlling their every move and ultimately their destiny.  Perhaps I am a frustrated despot,  tee-hee. Actually to be honest, my characters do pretty much what they want to. I just pretend to control them. The very best bit about writing is when people tell me they have enjoyed my work. That is a very special feeling.
How do you approach writing a book, pen and paper or computer?
I always start with a title and write it in bold on a fresh page of a word document. There it sits, the cursor blinking at me as if to say, okay get on with it! Then I just write a few notes sometimes bullet points to sketch out the story. I write a few points in bold to myself reminding me of important bits that I want to add then, I press return a few times until the notes are a good way down the page and get cracking. As you can see I don’t depend on structure and very much feel my way. I used to sometimes jot a few notes in a notebook, but I tend to do that less nowadays.
How does a typical day as a writer pan out?
I don’t really have a typical day. I get up, spend far too much time faffing about on social network sites and then write for a few hours. I often help out with my grandchildren so it depends what we are doing that day. If I see them in the morning, then I write in the afternoon and vice versa. I would say on average I write for about three hours a day .
Describe the feeling when you held your first novel in your hands?
I was overwhelmed to be honest. I had dreamed of this moment for years and so when I held A Stitch in Time in my hands it represented all those hours I had written over the years, slogging away, never giving up even after many rejections had come through the door. And an even better feeling was seeing it on the shelves! I still can’t quite believe it.
Which part of publicising your books do you prefer social media or book signings/tours?

I like book launches because I get to meet people face to face. I have a great time on social media too though. The support of other writers and readers has been truly fantastic.
Do you write in the same genre as that of your favourite authors?
Yes and no. I normally write romantic suspense/mystery with a paranormal aspect sometimes added. The suspense/mystery/paranormal bit is the same genre as my favourite author, Dean Koontz. He often has a love story in their too but not always, so the romantic bit is not the same.
If you were to be granted one writing wish what would that be?
I would love to have one of my books made into a TV series or a film. There have been quite a few people who said they could see A Stitch in Time on the big screen. That would be unbelievable and something I dream about. Perhaps one day, you never know do you? Think big is what I say!
Thanks for having me on your blog, Dawn. It has been great ☺

It really was a pleasure talking to Mandy and I can't wait to read this book. Order your copy now from Amazon.


  1. Thanks for hosting me, Dawn. I had a great time answering those questions :) x

  2. I loved 'Somewhere Beyond the Sea' the story was wonderful and it featured my beloved Cornwall! Looking forward to the next book Mandy.
    Angela Britnell

  3. I haven't read 'Somewhere Beyond the Sea' yet Mandy, but I certainly intend to. A great interview!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my Q & A session with Mandy - I've not read it either yet but will be it's right up my street :)

  5. Who would play John Needle in your film, Mandy?

    Great interview.

    Liv x

  6. I love stories with pasts that put pressure on current relationships. Somewhere beyond the Sea sounds great!

  7. Isabella, I think it would have to be Mr Depp himself :)

  8. I can see Mr Depp as John Needle :) Well I am happy to see him at any time! Brilliant blog, Mandy and Dawn! xx