Monday, 24 March 2014

The Right Side of Mr Wrong - Jane Linfoot

About the book...
One-off, moving on sex wasn’t meant to be this hot…
When determined singleton Shea Summers is persuaded to become the “wife” of the Lord of Edgerton Manor, the last thing she wants to do is play house with a stranger.

Brooding playboy Brando Marshall, is far from happy when Shea turns up at his sprawling estate with production crew in tow. Surely she’s just another woman after his wallet? And if she’s looking for Mr Right, she’s definitely hitting on the wrong guy. Then again, after catching an unscheduled glimpse of her knickers, perhaps Brando needs to teach this “gold-digger” a lesson!

She’s seizing the moment, he’s breaking the rules, and when bad boys can be so much fun, who can resist getting on the right side of Mr. Wrong...

About the author...

I’m Jane Linfoot, and I write fun, flirty fiction, with feisty heroines and a bit of an edge. I live in a mountain kingdom in Derbyshire, England, where my family and pets are kind enough to ignore the domestic chaos – happily, we’re in walking distance of a supermarket. For me, writing romance is cool because I get to wear pretty shoes instead of wellies. I love hearts, flowers, happy endings, all things vintage, most things french. When I’m not on Facebook  and can’t find an excuse for shopping, I’ll be walking, or gardening. On days when I want to be really scared, I ride a tandem.

Connect with Jane Linfoot...

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My thoughts...
I was given an ecopy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review which I am more than happy to give.  I loved the sound of the book and the cover is just fabulous, those shoes are to die for - I know a secret about them too, which has stopped me trawling the net for hours looking for them, thank you for sharing Jane.

The main characters Brando and Shea are thrown together by Brando's sister and Shea's friends as part of a tv competition to find Brando a wife! Neither one wants to be there and both are just going through the motions to please everybody until they can both go back to their lives. 

This was one of those books that from the start had me laughing out loud, muttering to myself and blushing - you wouldn't want your mother in law reading over your shoulder - thank god mine's almost blind! Lets just say the lust was evident from their first meeting although both try their best to brush it off.  

Both Brando and Shea had past history that was affecting their behaviour and Jane slowly revealed this as the characters developed. It was lovely reading and watching the characters develop and grow.  But, at times I wanted to shake them both - they couldn't or wouldn't see what was under their noses. Just being around each other they found themselves moving outside their comfort zones doing things and saying things that they hadn't intended.

It was a light, fast paced read for me which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The characters were likeable and real and I found myself caring what happened to them, particularly Brando and willing things to happen before they did - always a good sign!  I'd recommend this to anyone wanting an easy read that delivers a bit of everything, humour, emotion and romance.  Oh and don't forget the 'eye candy'!!

I gave this book 5/5 stars

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