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How Not To be Starstruck - Portia Macintosh

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I am so pleased to be part of the GGBooktours tour for Portia Macintosh's full length novel How Not To Be Starstruck and I got the chance to ask Portia a few questions too!  Read on to see what she had to say.

About the book...
Nicole Wilde’s life is one of sell-out gigs, bunking on tour buses, trashing hotels and partying with the band all night long. But she’s not in the band. She is a music journalist, paid to be the world’s greatest groupie– and she loves it! 

Nicole has the party lifestyle — and the hangovers to prove it — but no one stops her in the supermarket on a bad hair day. Until she is papped in an incriminating position with recently married mega-star Dylan King of The Burnouts and the tabloids start hounding her. This isn’t so fun. Especially when her make-up is a mess and she hasn’t yet had a chance to clean her teeth. 

Dylan accuses her of ruining his marriage. His handsome PR agent, Charles, calls her a tart. She has to take gorgeous Luke from Two For the Road to hospital after a drug incident. And she’s dropped her mobile phone in the bath! Too much celebrity lifestyle for one week? Time to slow down and take stock? Maybe for somebody else. But Nicole Wilde is going to come out fighting!

About the author...
When she was fifteen-years-old, Portia MacIntosh fell in with a bad crowd… rockstars.

After disappearing on tour and living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle for a few years, Portia landed a job in the music industry  but only so that she didn’t have to join the real world just yet.

Now in her twenties, Portia is ready to spill the beans on the things she has witnessed over the years. Well, kind of. If her famous friends knew that she was borrowing their lives to inspire her fiction, they would stop inviting her on tour and banish her from the inner circle. Then she really would have to rejoin the real world, and she’s still not ready.

Portia only started writing novels to share her secrets, but then she realised she actually quite liked writing  maybe even more than she likes living on a bus with a bunch of smelly boys  and has since tried her hand at writing about other things.

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Questions I asked Portia...

You say you got in with a bad crowd-'rockstars’ aged 15 and went on the road for several years — do you regret it at all and if you was 15 yrs old now would you do the same again?

My gut reaction is to say that I would absolutely do it again. I love being around bands and I've had so much fun. But... it has had its side effects. I'm not amazing at real life.

How did your parents cope with your ‘wild’ lifestyle? Did they try to bribe you to conform?

My parents are amazing  especially my mum. They've always been very supportive. It might be my job now, but when I started out it was little more than a hobby. They would pick me up from gigs and TV studios that were miles away from home and one time, after hitching a ride home on a tour bus, my mum made breakfast for everyone  she was so cool. I'm sure there are maybe a few older members of my family who probably think I should be married with kids now I'm heading for my late twenties... 

Describe a typical day on tour with a ‘rockstar’.

Days on tour are always different, but the routine is always the same. You get up when you get up, depending on the night before, and travel through the day. Then you arrive at the venue, do what you need to, go out and explore where you are if you can, then back for sound checks and stuff. After the gig you can guarantee there's going to be a party, whether it's at the venue or a club. Then it's back to hotel or the bus to sleep, and you do it all again the next day.

Who is the most famous ‘rockstar’ you’ve spent time with on tour?

I don't really want to give any names away because I worry people will thing I'm writing about the people I know in real life. I mostly spend time with pop stars and rock bands, it's a good mixture. 

You’re off to a deserted island, which three ‘rockstars’ would you take with you?

Jared Leto, Jon Bon Jovi and Gabe Saporta. Can we make this happen please?

Your new novel is actually the first one you wrote, How Not to be Starstruck was actually written before Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place, so why did you have them published in a different order?

Well, I wrote the prequel to promote my full-length novel, but it doesn't really matter what order you read them in. My publishers wanted to release the prequel first, to get people in the mood for How Not to be Starstruck.

Apart from your experiences on the road, what or who else has inspired you to keep writing?

Whenever I watch or read a story that I love, it makes me want to write. When I started out I just wanted to get my tour stories out there but now I have the urge to write because I love it.

You’re got to take three books to that desert island, which would you take and why?

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath because it's my favourite. Closer by Patrick Marber (if I'm allowed the book of a play) because I love it and A Compromising Position by Carole Matthews, for something that isn't entirely depressing. 

Do you still keep the same hours as a ‘rockstar’ — writing into the wee small hours or do you get up early to write?

I do. I'm still very much in the thick of it, like a double agent. I'm nocturnal.

And finally, which do you prefer — working in the music or literary field?

The music industry is brilliant fun, but the more I write, the more I love it. Music isn't just a job, though. It's a lifestyle. 

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading Portia's answers as much as I have and now you can read her book too!

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