Monday, 31 March 2014

How My Life Became Chaos - Victoria J Brown

About the book...
Kat is pregnant after only being with Max for 6 months. Running her own beauty salon, dealing with her depressed alcoholic father, fighting battles with Max’s mother and facing ex-girlfriends, Kat isn’t sure if having a baby is the right thing to do. Her life feels like one big mess, whatever decision she makes will change her life for ever.
50% of the profits go to the Hope for Holly Charity.

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About the author...

Victoria J. Brown is a chick-lit author. While studying for her MA in Creative Writing she won a short story competition judged by Adele Parks. Although, Victoria holds a MA, she sees herself as a storyteller not a literary writer.
She is passionate about people following their dreams. She has written Annual Inspirational Books which provide daily motivational messages. Also being a qualified wedding planner and Managing Director of Calm Weddings, she has written 3 weddings books. 
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My thoughts...
I received an ecopy of the first book in The Chaos Series in exchange for an honest review as part of the Blog Tour organised by Fiction Addiction.

The prologue to this book really sets the scene, a close knit happy family, loving life together, until it all alters with a fatal trip to the fish and chip shop for supper.

My first thoughts was that on the surface of it this was going to be the usual sort of chick lit book with a happy ever after ending. Wrong! Yes, it was an easy, quick read for me but it touched many emotions. I smiled and laughed and felt sad and close to tears at times.

The characters were so well written they were believable from Kat and her clients at her salon right down to her dad, Maureen his friend/carer and Libby her sister.

Emotions run high throughout this book just as they can in real live when you're dealing with births and deaths! Sometimes help and support comes from the unlikeliest places but above all communication, a good pair of ears and a shoulder to cry on is all it takes for Kat to look at the reasoning behind some of her thoughts and actions.

This book delivers a big lesson - sometimes you have to scratch the veneer to get to it but situations and circumstances often dictate how we react and behave when life throws us a curve ball.  What you see isn't always what you get and often behaviour is a mask to disguise true emotions and feelings.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was genuinely gutted when it ended, thank goodness I still have books 2 and 3 to read.  Highly recommend this book to anybody who loves chick lit that goes a bit deeper.

I gave this book 5/5 stars


  1. Thank you Dawn for this awesome review :-) Really pleased you enjoy it :-) xx

  2. Agree with Vicky - an awesome review Dawn!

    Thank you for taking part in the tour today.


  3. You're more than welcome - I really loved the book and can't wait to read books 2 and 3 to find out what happens next :)

  4. Thank you Dawn for your review, I always feel we have very similar tastes and your blogs always give me a heads up as to if it my type of book. Thank you for the chance of the give-away xxx

  5. Sheerie you are so lovely, thank you - I will be crossing everything for you xx

  6. Fab post... and giveaway! Woop! Fingers crossed ;-)
    Happy reading gorgeous ;-) xx Mary

  7. Excellent review and giveaway!!

  8. Thanks to both Mary and Ceri - it really is a fab book, you'll just love it I'm sure :)

  9. I can't thank you Dawn, enough for the fab review. I just hope you other girlies enjoy 'How My Life Became Chaos' as much as Dawn - and as much as I enjoyed writing it :-) Good luck to you who have entered xx

  10. Sounds excellent Dawn - hope I'm lucky!

  11. This sounds great, thanks so much for the chance of winning x

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